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JobHike & GDPR

We Take Your Privacy Seriously and are in Full Compliance With GDPR.

The General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) defines six lawful bases for the processing of Personal Data. There is no hierarchy between those bases, meaning that an organization can choose which basis to rely on so long as it fulfills the criteria for that lawful basis.

As JobHike, we rely on ‘Legitimate Interests’ to collect business-specific personal data from publicly available sources to offer our customers, job seekers, the opportunity to contact, connect and network with relevant individuals in the businesses they are interested in.

Customers may use the Business Data we provide and send communication messages such as e-mails to connect and network with relevant people in the businesses they want to work for, subject to the applicable laws. In this regard, where employees of a public or corporate entity are contacted by job seekers, the job seekers may provide them with the choice to opt-out of receiving such messages.

JobHike Takes Your Privacy Very Seriously and Complies With GDPR Because:

  • Business Data is only processed from publicly available sources of information;
  • We only collect and use business data such as professional e-mail addresses and job position from publicly available sources of information;
  • All Business Data is verified to be accurate and reliable;
  • We put individuals in control of their personal data and enable them to exercise their privacy rights with regards to the processing of their Personal Data;
  • JobHike’s mission is to enable job seekers to communicate, connect and network with the right people in businesses, ensuring that job seekers’ communication efforts reach relevant individuals in businesses who would have a legitimate interest to connect with qualified individuals who may be a good fit.

For more information visit our legal section.

To contact JobHike regarding any privacy matters please email