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At some point in our career we all have to conduct a job search, today it just happens to be your turn. While it can be a time of excitement and hope about new opportunities to come, it can also be a time of great uncertainty and anxiety. 

Not only will you likely feel the full range of possible emotions during your overall job search, but you may also experience these highs and lows in the span of a single day or week. The job-search process is fraught with ups and downs, not to mention the angst that comes with the uncertainty about the future of your career and livelihood. The process can be a painful one that can be as short as several weeks, or as long as several months.

We understand this journey and we know the ‘Job Hike’ can be a tough and lonely experience. JobHike was founded by a group of frustrated jobseekers that have been in the same position as you, who have gone through this process and who understand how difficult it can be to navigate this journey. 

We built this company to make a difference to this process and each day we strive to achieve one very clear and specific goal; to make the job search as efficient, effective and direct as possible. 

We do not apply the typical job seeking approach, we think differently, and we challenge the status quo. It is for these reasons we believe we have been so successful in helping our customers to date and why we believe we can help you with your job search today. Thanks for visiting our page and we look forward to helping you find your dream job in record time.